Football is thriving in Coventry despite the loss of CCFC

Since the departure of Coventry’s only professional football club to Northampton it would be easy to believe that the people of Coventry are unable to watch competitive football in their own City. That’s not strictly true as it has been my pleasure to discover over the last season. With the loss of Coventry City Football Club from the City it takes it’s name from I have taken the opportunity to broaden my experience of lower levels of football. In all honesty, it’s the best season of football I have experienced in many a year. As you may already know, I have rapidly become part of Coventry Sphinx Football Club and my unswerving loyalty now sits with them. How can I go from  being a Coventry City fan to a Coventry Sphinx fan in such a relatively short period of time? The answer is simple.. RESPECT. Coventry City have displayed total contempt to me (whatever the reasons) and I am no longer prepared to invest my time, money and emotion into an organisation like that. I supported Coventry City for one reason and that is they were the senior club in the city I am proud to call my home. They no longer fulfil that role so Coventry Sphinx have taken their place as the senior team in the city of Coventry. Will I return to Coventry City when they return to Coventry (not the Coventry area) one day?  I may return to watching some games at the Ricoh but Coventry Sphinx will continue to be my number one priority. The reason for that is what Coventry City have put me through in recent times is quite frankly unforgivable in my book. Coventry Sphinx have been the total opposite. They have been nothing but friendly, welcoming and respectful and that deserves some loyalty in return.

Of course, Coventry Sphinx are not the only Non League club within the City. Sphinx play at Step 5 of the Non League pyramid (4 steps below the conference) from their home on Sphinx Drive, off Siddeley Avenue in the Stoke area of Coventry. Coventry Copsewood play at Step 6 along with Alvis and the new boys Coventry United play at Step 8. As well as my season long stint at Coventry Sphinx, I’ve also enjoyed a visit to the Coventry Copsewood ground on Allard Way to watch them take on local rivals Alvis in a game that was won by Alvis thanks to a great strike from former Coventry City striker Patrick Suffo! At Sphinx Drive I have not missed a home game since my first visit back in August and recently I have become a regular away fan too. The entertainment I’ve had provided to me by a group of players who are mainly young and locally born and bred has been exceptional. They are clearly proud to represent Sphinx and I couldn’t be prouder to support them.

The new season is already on my mind with my season ticket already paid for and I’m eagerly awaiting to hear the pre-season schedule, to see the fixture list, to hear about the new signings and then to get the season underway! Fairly simple things but they are things I’ve not been able to enjoy in recent years with all the off field nonsense engulfing Coventry City. I’m expecting big things from this group of players next season. A good improvement saw Sphinx finish 7th in the Midland Alliance last season and this group of young players will only get better. A few additions to the squad and a title challenge could well be on the cards. I’ve seen enough of them to know they are certainly good enough.

Sphinx are an ambitious club with ambitious people involved and the rising attendances have already allowed some small ground improvements during the season. I’m expecting further ground improvements during the summer and the more advertising and sponsorship revenue they can bring into the club the better the improvements will be. On that note, if you are interested in advertising/sponsorship opportunities at Coventry Sphinx then feel free to contact their new Commercial Manager by email at for details. Sharon can also point you in the right direction for any season ticket enquiries.

I have my love for football well and truly reignited and the relief at not having to worry about finances, administrations and owners is a huge weight to have lifted. Football at a great club which is run in the right way with ambitions to make progress in a sustainable way is music to my ears. Coventry Sphinx are going places so come and join us for the ride!



One thought on “Football is thriving in Coventry despite the loss of CCFC

  1. I have followed the mighty Sphinx this season,it was a reminder of the great times at Highfield Road when I felt part of a club that was considerate to their supporters.Where I use to chat to enthusiastic supporters that,.ven at division 3 level
    had great optimism.

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