Easter Monday Family fun day at Coventry Sphinx a great success!

Easter Monday was the final home game of an entertaining season at Sphinx Drive. The game was designated a Family Fun Day and instead of charging for admission, Coventry Sphinx requested that people made a donation to a local charity. I arrived at Sphinx Drive almost two hours before kick off and I could see a good family atmosphere building already. The great thing about the place is that it has the ability to satisfy the enthusiastic football fan as much as being a good afternoon out for the family!

On such a fine spring day, outside was the place to be so I headed to the bar in the clubhouse and took myself outside to enjoy the sunshine overlooking the Bowling Green. Kids were already buzzing around eagerly awaiting the Bouncy Castle and had plenty of outside space to burn off their excess energy. It was excellent to see so many families around the place. The weather had certainly been kind to Sphinx and I was eagerly awaiting the main event. To be honest, the freak result (a 6-0 defeat to Coleshill) is probably best forgotten and was the only down side to a fantastic final home day of the season. The match saw the Coventry Sphinx Under 9’s team accompany the players onto the pitch and to top it off they then went on to be the official ball boys. The youngsters looked thrilled and rightly so. In fact, one of the highlights of the day was hearing one of the ball boys urging his team on with a regular “Come on Coventry!” shout.

I watched the match from my usual vantage point and it was great to see many regulars and families surrounding the pitch and in the stand. The pitch side cafe was doing a roaring trade as a result and you had a real sense that you were at a club who were on the up. The Coventry people had turned up for their highest ranked Non League team (some would say they are the highest ranked club in Coventry after Coventry City’s exile to Northampton). A season’s best crowd of 280 was the official attendance which was hugely impressive. In fact 280 is the biggest crowd in the Midland Alliance division this season. With the home fixtures now complete, we can see that Coventry Sphinx’s average attendances this season have increased by an incredible 110%! In addition to these impressive figures over £300 was raised for a local Coventry charity from today’s family fun day. Zoes Place Baby Hospice will benefit from the generous donations received today.

Post match and it was time to head back to the clubhouse. Drinks and outside again to enjoy the weather and once again a really good atmosphere around the place. What really stood out in here is how all the Coventry Sphinx management and players came in to relax and socialise with all the supporters. If anything emphasises what type of club Sphinx is then post match in the clubhouse sums it up. Fans, players, management and volunteers all together as one. I even found time to purchase my season ticket for the 2014/15 season and after my experience this season it will be the best £100 I’ve spent in a long time. This season is not quite over with one away match to play on Saturday but I’m already eagerly anticipating next season. I’m hoping to see this young team push on to challenge at the top of the table and I look forward to their FA Cup exploits once more.

I started the season without a club in Coventry to support and I finished it with a club in Coventry that I couldn’t be prouder to support. If you had told me that would happen a year ago I would never have believed you but here I am today with my love for the beautiful game well and truly reignited. Coventry Sphinx are the sole reason for that and whatever happens with Coventry City is irrelevant. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me now Sphinx!


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